Our Albert

I need as many photos of 11 as I can get. If you have, or would like to take, a photo with an 11 in it, I’d like to include it in a video.

No Subject

This is the song that re-ignited my desire to write and record my own material again, after a bit of a break.

I wasn’t 100% sure where I was taking it musically when I started, although I had the lyrical theme pretty much sorted. However, it got to a point where I just thought “You know what, I reckon that’s finished, that is” and left it as it was. I’m pleased I did so, because it could have got over-egged if I’d spent more time on it.

The drawing that accompanies this song was done by Caroline Main, and the logo designed by Tilt Araiza.

The Honey Dance

This is a song that stems from a tune that came to me in a dream. I rolled over in my half-sleep and sang the melody into my mobile phone so I wouldn’t forget it. I’m glad I did so, because it turned into one of the songs I’m most proud to have written.

You could say that I started recording this song back in 2002, as that is when I recorded the insect noises, at a beautiful, peaceful temple, just outside Chiang Mai, in Thailand.